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South Asians’ Increased Heart Disease Risk:
El Camino Innovates

South Asians face significantly higher risk for heart disease, despite the fact that they typically do not have the classic risk factors for heart disease that explain their increased risk for it.

There are, however, factors that are not commonly evaluated that explain the increased heart-disease risks that South Asians face. The South Asian Heart Center has been doing tests that have a genetic basis to help us better understand these factors.

The South Asian Heart Center at El Camino Hospital was created to provide public education events, screen individuals, and facilitate lifestyle changes.

This video presents approaches the South Asian Heart Center is using to help South Asians manage their heart risk. Watch and learn how their approach may offer a difference to your health and well-being.

Topics covered in this South Asian Heart disease video include:

  • Why are South Asians at higher risk for heart disease?
  • What is the South Asian Heart Center?
  • What services can you receive from the South Asian Heart Center?
  • How is the center educating other physicians in the community?
  • What is the advice to South Asians for managing their heart health?

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"South Asians are at four times the risk for heart disease."

"South Asians are twice as likely to die from heart disease."

"South Asians are three times as likely to have a secondary heart attack."

Ashish Mathur
Executive Director
South Asian Heart Center