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Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute Events

The Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute at El Camino Hospital offers a variety of lectures, support groups and programs for patients and their families.

Free Blood Pressure Screenings--Mountain View

Our free drop-in blood pressure screenings take place every Friday, from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (except holidays) and are open to anyone in the community.  The screenings take place on the first floor of the main hospital in the Health Library and Resource Center. No appointment necessary.

Cardiac & Pulmonary Wellness Center Lecture Series--Mountain View

As part of the Cardiac Exercise and Education Program provided through the Cardiac & Pulmonary Wellness Center a special risk factor lecture series is offered throughout each month during the year. This lecture series is taught by experts from the hospital staff. Lecture topics include:

  • Stress management/Physiology of stress
  • Cholesterol/triglyceride management
  • Nutrition/Weight reduction
  • Exercise/Physiology of exercise
  • Diabetes health

For more details and the upcoming schedule call the Center at 650-940-7130 or visit the hospital Calendar.

Support Groups--Mountain View

Also offered through the Cardiac Pulmonary Wellness Center are several support groups, including:

Better Breathers Support Group
This group offers an opportunity for individuals to vent frustrations, share coping mechanisms and learn more about pulmonary diseases, in a relaxed non-judgmental environment.

Heart to Heart
This support group provides information and emotional support for persons with cardiac conditions and their family members. Guest speakers are often featured. Meets quarterly.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group
This support group is for patients with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and their families. Group discussion and special guest speakers will be the focus for all who are interested in sharing and learning about IPF.

Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) and Bronchiectasis Support Group
This group is for persons with pulmonary disease specific to the mycobacterium avium complex, avium-intracellulare and bronchiectasis. The group offers the opportunity for individuals with these diseases to meet in a non-judgmental and safe environment. Meets quarterly.

Women's Heart Support Group
Tailored for women with heart disease risk and existing heart conditions this group meets every third Monday for an informal discussion on current medical research and issues specific to women's heart health.

For more details and the upcoming schedule call the Center at 650-940-7130 or visit the hospital Calendar.

For more Norma Melchor Heart & Vascular Institute events, visit the El Camino Hospital calendar. For more details on any of these events, call the El Camino Hospital health line at 800-216-5556.

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Smoking Cessation Programs

It is never too late to quit smoking. El Camino Hospital offers two ways help you stop smoking and improve your health. For more information and to enroll in either program, please call 650-988-8225.Image of someone putting out their cigarette

Ash Kickers
Ash Kickers is a six-session smoking cessation program based on the trans-theoretical model of behavior modification. The program helps smokers travel through the various stages of quitting, which include thinking about quitting, preparing to quit, finally quitting, and preventing relapse. Ash Kickers also incorporates tobacco education, group support, and tools for maintenance as part of a comprehensive effort to help smokers as they work their way to a healthier life. Program fee: $125.00

Staying Free Smoking Cessation Program
Working individually with an R.N. Counselor trained to provide this program, smokers learn how to quit smoking and--more importantly--how to remain a non-smoker. You will focus on identifying your individual triggers and develop strategies to respond with new behaviors. Program fee: $125.00

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