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How to Order A Test

Last Updated Monday, April 14, 2014 11:43:14 AM

Because the science of genomics is young and growing rapidly, some of the most clinically useful tests are still proprietary to the laboratory that developed them. As you might expect, the proprietary labs are starting to make the rounds of doctors’ offices, but maintaining a sales force is a big expense. Some of the best labs may not yet have a friendly detail person for you to call on.

Determining how to obtain a sample, choose a laboratory, and interpret test results can be a challenge for physicians. Testing methodology and the number of alleles tested varies at each laboratory. Some tests will require a blood draw, others a buccal swab. How do you choose which lab to work with?

For El Camino Hospital physicians, there is a simple answer; call the Genomic Medicine Institute at 650-962-4577.

Whether you need help ordering a test, have an urgent request, or would simply like more information, the Genomic Medicine Institute can assist you and help expedite the process.

Genomic Medicine Institute
Phone: 650-962-4577
Email: gmi@elcaminohospital.org

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