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About Our Partnership with DNA Direct

Last Updated Tuesday, April 12, 2011 2:06:21 PM

The field of genomics is evolving at a dizzying pace, as scientists continue to find new medical applications for genetic tests. Physicians, regulators, legislators, and even industry insiders have a hard time keeping up. Since its founding in 2009, the El Camino Hospital Genomic Medicine Institute has relied on DNA Direct to provide the most current expertise. As a leader in guidance and decision support for genomic medicine, DNA Direct is exceptionally knowledgeable about the latest advances in clinical testing and scientific developments in the study of the human genome.

When El Camino Hospital first started the Genomic Medicine Institute, we were committed to using genetic counselors and experts to help patients and physicians sort through the issues associated with genetic testing. Unfortunately there is a national shortage of genetic counselors and medical geneticists. Contracting with DNA Direct offers El Camino Hospital access to DNA Direct's nationwide network of genetic counselors and experts. These counselors are experts in their field, trained in the application of genomic medicine in a range of clinical settings, including prenatal risk assessment, oncology, and pharmacogenomics. DNA Direct’s knowledgeable and compassionate counselors and experts have counseled hundreds of El Camino Hospital patients and physicians. Working under the direction of DNA Direct physician advisors, the counselors are board-certified and bound by the same privacy and professional ethics as any health professional.

El Camino Hospital has no ownership interest in DNA Direct. It contracts with them to provide our educational web portal, Family Medical History Tool and genetic counseling and consultation services.

DNA Direct has been a true partner of the GMI from the beginning, all to the benefit of El Camino Hospital patients, physicians, and the community at large.

Genomic Medicine Institute Tools

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