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ProAccess FAQs

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about the El Camino Hospital ProAccess application, which provides secure, encrypted access to confidential patient information.

Q: When I tried to log in to ProAccess, it gave me the error "Login failed--account is locked."

A: You have attempted an incorrect password three times or more, and your account is now locked. Your practice's user administrator should be able to unlock the account for you. If you need additional help, please contact physicianservices@elcaminohospital.org.

Q: When I tried to log in to ProAccess, it gave me an error "Login failed--account terminated."

A: Your account has been terminated. If you believe this is a mistake, please first contact your practice's user administrator to verify you have rights to the system.

Q: What are the password requirements?

A: You must use a minimum of eight characters and at least one letter from the alphabet and one number in the password. You can reset your password by clicking on the "Reset your password?" link on the login page. If your account is locked out, however, you will need to contact your administrator to unlock first before you can reset your password.

ProAccess reset password

Q: What is Break glassand why do I need it? 

A: ProAccess is set up so that users can view only patients that are under their care as the admitting, attending, consulting, referring, ordering or primary care physician. If you have a legitimate reason to view patient information that is under someone else's care, you may choose to use Break Glass in the top-right corner of your screen to search the entire ProAccess database. You will be asked to provide a reason for using Break Glass, and all Break Glass activities are audited and subject to screening for patient privacy violation.

Q: I don't see my patient when I do a search.

A: You can search for a patient by his or her name (lastname, firstname), 10-digit Medical Record Number, full social security number (without dashes), or date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy). A patient will not show up under your search if he or she is under someone else's care. If a patient does not appear in the search results list, but you believe the patient is in the system, you may use Break Glass to perform a comprehensive search.

Q: I don't see a report or result in ProAccess.

A: If you are looking for any prior results or visits associated with a patient in which you were not listed as a provider for that patient, you will have to use Break Glass. This means if you have an existing patient, any record of this patient prior to you becoming his or her provider will not be automatically populated in ProAccess for you to view. To access those visits, you must Break Glass for prior visits that you were not associated with.

If you cannot find a report, please remember that only final reports that are signed by the physicians will appear in ProAccess. If you are certain that the physician has already signed the report, please contact physicianservices@elcaminohospital.org for further investigation.

Q: I can't see any tests under the "Test" tab or the "Encounters" tab.

A: If you are using Internet Explorer 9, you may need to turn on the compatibility mode.
You can toggle on/off compatibility mode by clicking on the compatibility icon next to the URL address field (see circle below). A blue icon indicates compatibility mode is on; grey means it is off.

Compatibility is ON
IE 9 Compatability View On

Compatibility is OFF

Q: I need to set up a new user for ProAccess.

A: Please contact your user administrator.

Q: I need to terminate a user for ProAccess.

A: Please contact your user administrator and notify us at physicianservices@elcaminohospital.org.

Q: Where can I find more training for ProAccess?

A: You can access a training video for step by step instructions through the "ProAccess Training" link on the left panel after you log in. You can also download training guides from www.elcaminohospital.org/econnect.

Q: I don't have ProAccess but I am interested in it or want to find out more.

A: Please contact us at physicianservices@elcaminohospital.org.