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Cancer Center Offers Compassionate, Patient-Oriented Treatment

Have you ever wondered what you might do if you or a loved one were to suspect or even receive a cancer diagnosis? This video tells the story of one woman’s journey to find the kind of high-quality, compassionate treatment for cancer that she needed.

Pam Parrot chronicles the journey that brought her to the Cancer Center at El Camino Hospital and why she values the care she received so much. Pam’s focus is on the nontechnical aspects of her treatment that were so important to her progress.

This video is a story told by Pam Parrot, of the out-of-the-ordinary experiences during her cancer treatments, the choices she made, and the importance those choices made to her recovery. Pam’s story is both compelling and informative as she covers the following topics:

  • Receiving the cancer diagnosis
  • Expedited cancer treatment care
  • The cancer concierge value
  • Cancer doctor’s compassionate care


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“Hope – I never realized the true importance of that simple, four-letter word until I was diagnosed with cancer.”

Pam Parrot
Lung Cancer Survivor