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Cancer Center Services

Last Updated 5/15/2015 1:27:24 PM

Although having many options for cancer treatment has greatly improved the survival rates of patients, it can be difficult to navigate all the choices. We have assembled a team of physicians, nurses and other specialists dedicated to helping you and your family develop the right treatment plan and access all the services you need to cope with cancer.

Breast Health Center
El Camino Hospital's Breast Health Center is an FDA-Certified Mammography Facility and performs more than 12,000 studies a year. With an experienced and highly skilled staff, specially trained radiologists and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, the Center offers comprehensive mammography services.

Clinical Trials
El Camino Hospital is proud to offer our patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. We also offer National Cancer Institute (NCI) clinical trials, so our patients have access to the latest cancer treatments.

Over the last few decades, endoscopy has evolved from mostly a diagnostic tool to one of the most rapidly growing interventional therapies in medicine. At El Camino Hospital, the gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy unit has grown significantly over the last two years and stands today as a pioneer in the field.

Genetic Counseling
Our genetic counseling service offers patients and physicians the opportunity to develop targeted treatment plans based on specific genetic profiles. Our geneticists can also help you assess your risk for cancer, and help you decide whether you should be tested for any genetic markers that may predispose you and your family to cancer.

Hospice care provides treatment to manage pain and symptoms associated with a terminal illness. In a partnership of caring, Pathways hospice care was created in 1986 as a joint venture with El Camino Hospital to help families.

Infusion Center
With eight chairs and specially-certified chemotherapy nurses on staff, our infusion center offers a comfortable and safe place to receive your treatments. Each chair has a personal television with headsets. Our on-site chemotherapy pharmacy works closely with your oncologist to help manage symptoms that are a result of the treatments. Our infusion center, located in Oak Pavilion, is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Palliative Care
There is much more to cancer care than the latest technologies or surgical procedures. The goal of palliative care is to prevent or treat as early as possible the symptoms of the disease, side effects caused by treatment of the disease, and psychological, social, and spiritual challenges related to the disease or its treatment. With palliative care, we are treating the whole person, not just the cancer.

Pathology is the cornerstone of a good cancer program because it allows physicians to accurately stage a tumor and develop an appropriate treatment plan. Our highly skilled pathologists are an essential part of your cancer treatment team; the information they gather is pivotal in making the right decisions for your personalized treatment.

Prostate Cancer Services
There are a variety of approaches to treating prostate cancer, and advancements in technology are continually improving the tools available to the medical profession.

Radiation Oncology
El Camino Hospital is advancing some of the technologies used to treat a variety of cancers, particularly neurological tumors.

The radiology department at El Camino Hospital offers a complete range of medical diagnostic services. Our expertly trained staff accredited by the American College of Radiology will ensure an effortless and comfortable imaging experience for you.

Our team of board-certified surgeons specializes in the treatment of a variety of cancers, including colon cancer and lung cancer. For patients with prostate cancer and some female cancers we offer da Vinci Robotic surgery.

CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery

We offer the cutting-edge technology of the CyberKnife as part of our new Center for Advanced Radiotherapy and CyberKnife Radiosurgery. The CyberKnife is a radiation therapy device that is able to pinpoint solid tumors anywhere in the body with sub-millimeter accuracy using image-guidance technology. As a result, no incisions, anesthesia or hospitalization are required. For more information call 650-940-7243.

Tumor Board
Through regular meetings with our Tumor Board, a team of experts will review your case and create a treatment plan together. This consensus-building is essential to ensuring we are all working together toward a common goal - to deliver the best care possible for your special circumstances.

Our risk reduction program includes a targeted screening service that includes a detailed interview and assessment by a specially trained nurse practitioner. We will communicate with your primary care physician to make sure we are all working together as a team to reduce your risk of cancer.

Video: What's Changed in Cancer Treatments?

Image of Dr. Shane Dormady - click to watch a video

Oncologist Shane Dormady of El Camino Hospital's Cancer Center offers sage advice for new patients facing a cancer diagnosis. He talks about what to expect after a cancer diagnosis, what's new in cancer treatment today and how to best manage your care. This eight-minute video is a must-see for new cancer patients and their families.

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