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Auxiliary: Additional Support Services

Last Updated 6/16/2010 4:25:46 PM

Location: Mountain View

Service Summary
The volunteer provides one or more of several Auxiliary services for hospital staff and/or patients, visitors on the Mountain View campus.

Key Qualifications

  • Mature, caring, dependable, and people-oriented, with excellent communication skills.
  • Except for the Telecare service (below) you must be able to stand/walk for several hours.
  • Must be able to work unsupervised, multi-task, and relate tactfully to patients, visitors and hospital staff.

Job Description

Chairman of the Day (MV): Your responsibility is to coordinate the Auxiliary services being performed on that day and resolve problems arising during your shift. That typically involves such duties as checking that all Auxiliary services are staffed, checking and maintaining waiting room supplies, and handling any emergencies and/or injuries that might occasionally arise. On weekends you also would supervise the Junior Auxiliary volunteers.

Magazine and Book Delivery (MV): Your responsibility is to update magazines in the several hospital waiting rooms for use by patients and visitors. Using a special cart for the purpose, you would pick up a fresh supply of magazines from the Auxiliary library and go from one waiting room to another, picking up old magazines and refreshing displays with new magazines. On occasion, you also would take magazines and/or library books to patients who request them.

Tele-Care (MV): Your responsibility on the Tele-Care team is to make daily reassuring telephone calls to former patients and others who request this service. The calls verify the Tele-Care member’s well being and enable the team to follow procedure if the Tele-Care member cannot be contacted by phone.

Therapeutic Humor and Music (MV): Your responsibility is to visit patients in the nursing units, taking special items with you on a cart. The object is to brighten their hospital stay with “upbeat” conversation to the extent that the patient indicates he/she welcomes such interaction. One option is to make use of humorous books and other items that you have on the "humor cart." Another option is to engage them through recorded music, providing music CDs and players carried on the "music cart." In either case you would need to be caring and sensitive to the outlook, state-of-mind and interests of the individual patient.

Leverage Skills, Fill you Heart: Volunteer Now!

The El Camino Hospital Auxiliary needs you, apply today! Positions available at both our Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses.

Image of Auxiliary volunteer at the CCU desk

Image of Auxiliary Volunteer helping a patient


Image of Auxiliary volunteer helping guide a guest of the hospital