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Auxiliary: Surgery-related Services

Last Updated 6/16/2010 4:10:08 PM

Locations: Los Gatos and Mountain View

Service Summary
The volunteer helps make arriving surgery patients, family and visitors welcome by being warm, respectful and attuned to their situations. A liaison volunteer provides information to family and visitors about the status of the surgery.

Key Qualifications

  • Mature, caring and dependable, with good communication skills.
  • Must be able to stand/walk for a significant part of your three- to four-hour shift.
  • Must be able to work unsupervised, multi-task, and relate tactfully to patients, their family and/or friends, and the medical staff.
  • For Short Stay/Pre-Op services, must be able to push a wheelchair transporting a patient.

Job Description
Surgery Liaison (LG and MV): Your main responsibility is to help make family and visitors comfortable in the Surgery Waiting Room, being sensitive to their feelings as they await the completion of patients' surgery and initial recovery afterward. Part of your duties is to maintain a clean, tidy waiting room and make coffee and tea as needed. You would provide information to family/visitors about their patient that comes via phone from the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). You would also inform surgeons if family is waiting.

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) (LG): You will assist the staff in the PACU to help the unit operate more smoothly by such tasks as preparing charts, making up packets for patients, recording statistics of incoming patients, and answering phones when the staff is busy tending patients. You also pass status information to the volunteer in the Surgery Waiting Room.

Outpatient Surgery Liaison and Nursing Unit Support (LG): You will assist the charge nurse in the PACU and the Perianesthesia team leader in a variety of nonmedical tasks including calling Escort for pickup of samples and for patient discharge. You would also provide friendly support to patients and family, such as providing patients with warm blankets, helping to take needle localization patients to Pre-Op, and contacting family in the waiting room.

Short Stay/Pre-Op Liaison and Nursing Unit Support (MV): You would assist the staff of the Short Stay/Pre-Op Unit in a variety of nonmedical tasks such as preparing charts and packets and recording statistics for incoming patients. You would also provide friendly support to patients and family, such as greeting incoming patients and their families, acting as liaison between the surgeon and the patient’s family, and helping to discharge patients by transporting them in a wheelchair to the hospital curb.

Outpatient Surgery Center (MV): your responsibilities vary in the pre-op or post-op sections of the center. In pre-op you would help by taking needle-localization patients to mammography and picking them up to bring back to pre-op, and would carry sealed samples to the main hospital lab for analysis. In post-op you would help by communicating with family in the Waiting Room, as well as by providing warm blankets to patients and by assisting discharged patients in a wheelchair from the center to curbside outside the hospital.

Surgery Admissions (MV): You would be one of the most visible people in the Surgery department, and one of its key members. Your main responsibility is to help welcome patients to the Pre-Surgery Center and take them to their assigned beds. You may mark patients’ arrival times on a white board. You may also assist the staff in a variety of ways such as running errands to the records room, laboratory, pharmacy, or registration, taking patients’ belongings to their rooms, stocking blankets near the warm-blanket oven, and you pitch in by answering phones when the medical staff is busy with patients.

Leverage Skills, Fill you Heart: Volunteer Now!

The El Camino Hospital Auxiliary needs you, apply today! Positions available at both our Mountain View and Los Gatos campuses.

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