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Statement Measure M - January 24, 2013

Last Updated Tuesday, January 29, 2013 10:27:38 AM

The following are a few facts to clarify why El Camino Hospital filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of Measure M:

  • El Camino Hospital must protect its rights to recruit and retain the highest caliber employees – at all levels - so it can to deliver excellent patient care and remain competitive in a challenging environment.

  • The hospital believes the ballot initiative is unconstitutional. The only way to challenge its validity in court is to sue the official sponsors of the initiative. The hospital cannot sue SEIU, as it is not an official sponsor of the Measure.

  • This is not a personal lawsuit against the two employees. The employees are named only because they are the official sponsors of Measure M.

Our compensation philosophy, which is applied to not just executives, but every employee within the organization, is to compensate based at the median (50th percentile) of national health systems and hospitals similar in size and complexity to ours, and adjusted for high cost of living. It is this philosophy that allows us to remain competitive, attract top talent and ultimately, deliver quality, state-of-the-art healthcare to our community. In fact, we were just named a top 5% hospital by Healthgrades, a nationally recognized organization that measures healthcare quality. Our executive team and the thousands of employees who treat patients every day are the reasons we have been able to achieve this monumental recognition.

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