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Statement Measure M - November 16, 2012

Last Updated Tuesday, January 29, 2013 10:13:59 AM

El Camino Hospital Board Authorizes Counsel to File Lawsuit Challenging Measure M

Wednesday night, the El Camino Hospital Board authorized its legal counsel to file a lawsuit challenging the validity of Measure M. That action is consistent with the Hospital's prior statements questioning the legality of the measure. The Hospital Board believes, as do many elected officials, independent community organizations and media outlets, that Measure M is illegal and an abuse of the initiative process.

Pending the outcome of the lawsuit, which will be filed in mid-December, the Hospital Board will continue to compensate our executives under their current employment contracts. The Hospital Board conducts extensive, annual market research to ensure that our executives are compensated at the median (50th percentile) of national health systems and hospitals similar in size and complexity to ours, and adjusted for high cost of living.

The Hospital Board stands firmly behind our executive team, which has the experience required to deliver the level of health care that this community receives, expects and deserves. The Hospital Board also believes that, if allowed to stand, Measure M could significantly and negatively diminish the Hospital's ability to attract and retain the talent needed to manage a complex, award winning, non-profit hospital providing quality health care in a competitive and rapidly changing health care environment.

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