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El Camino Hospital In the News

New mobile app alerts local CPR-trained bystanders of nearby cardiac emergencies

Last Updated Feb 2014

Morgan Hill Times  - According to the American Heart Association, every day nearly 1,000 Americans are killed by sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Once SCA strikes, time is critical. For every minute that passes without a patient receiving resuscitation, the chances of that person surviving decreases by 10 percent. Unfortunately, 60 percent of SCA victims don't get CPR until professional help arrives and often, it's too late. That is why the City of Morgan Hill has teamed up with Fire Departments within Santa Clara County and El Camino Hospital to launch the PulsePoint mobile app to all of Santa Clara County, according to a press release from the City of Morgan Hill. PulsePoint is a location-based app that alerts CPR-trained citizen bystanders that a person nearby requires help, allowing them to start CPR before the ambulance arrives, and save valuable time. When 911 is called to report a SCA, the 911 operator sends a PulsePoint alert, which is received by nearby app users who are provided the location of the SCA emergency. The app can also help locate the nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to use in resuscitation efforts.

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