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Innovation in Action through Partnerships

Last Updated Friday, August 12, 2011 2:30:28 PM

Where Innovation Is An Institution 

At El Camino Hospital, the spirit of innovation flows through everything we do. And it draws others of a like mind to collaborate with us in unique ways. Two examples are the Fogarty Institute for Innovation and the Genomic Medicine Institute, partnerships that enable us to impact and improve patient care beyond the walls of the hospital.

Fogarty Institute for Innovation: A Healthier Approach to Innovation 

Innovation is the lifeblood of medical advancement and the key to raising the bar for patient care. Yet more and more inventors are going outside the United States, as the path to market is fraught with obstacles. The nonprofit Fogarty Institute for Innovation was founded by world-class physician and innovator Dr. Thomas Fogarty in an effort to reinvent the process of innovation.

The Institute provides support to medical innovators in three key ways:

Cultivation: Providing the environment and resources to nurture innovative ideas

Each year, the mentorship team picks three to five medical innovators whose work is initially promising. The Institute provides them with all the tools for success, from business support to research and development to mentoring and contacts.

Validation: Streamlining the process for clinical research

Clinical research in a traditional academic setting can take years. Thanks to a gracious contribution from Edward and Pamela Taft to found The Taft Center for Medical Research, we can offer an alternative, streamlined path for clinical trials.

Education: Sharing our experience with the broader medical community

The Fogarty Institute’s education program is focused on spreading the word and sharing tips with an extended community, through sponsored fellowships and group workshops directed at public, industry, entrepreneur, and physician audiences.

The Genomic Medicine Institute: Bringing Personalized Medicine to the People

Consistent with our reputation as an early technology adopter and our location in the heart of Silicon Valley, El Camino Hospital was the first community hospital in the country to offer a Genomic Medicine Institute. Our goal is to help speed the translation of this important new science from the research labs to the medical offices of El Camino physicians--all for the benefit of our patients and the community.

The Genomic Medicine Institute partners with DNA Direct to provide the most current industry expertise. As a leader in guidance and decision support for genomic medicine, DNA Direct is exceptionally knowledgeable about the latest advances in clinical testing and scientific developments in the study of the human genome.

The Genomic Institute offers support for this effort through four main areas:

  • Physician education
  • Community outreach and education
  • Clinical trials
  • Risk assessment

Minimally invasive procedure meant maximum impact for Ruth Neapolitan

Deemed too frail for open-heart surgery, 84-year-old Ruth Neapolitan had been suffering from aortic stenosis for two years and already had a stent. Fortunately, El Camino Hospital had an alternative: a minimally invasive experimental procedure known as the CoreValve transcatheter aortic valve replacement. The hospital, working with the Taft Center for Clinical Research at the Fogarty Institute for Innovation, is one of only 40 hospitals nationwide selected to participate in clinical trials for this amazing nonsurgical percutaneous intervention. The replacement valve is placed on the end of a catheter and threaded through an artery in the groin, all the way to the heart. Asked how she feels now that her blood is pumping efficiently again, Ms. Neapolitan has a simple, one word response: "Fantastic."