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Innovation in Action in the Community

Last Updated Thursday, November 03, 2011 3:28:17 PM

Positive Energy at Work: Our Volunteer and Community Health Programs

Community Benefit

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As a nonprofit hospital, El Camino Hospital is deeply committed to the health of our community, especially its most vulnerable members. With annual funds allocated yearly by the El Camino Hospital District and CONCERN Employee Assistance Program, we have instituted a number of community health improvement programs in the South Bay, in partnership with local community groups and agencies. Funds allocated for 2012 total $7 million, which will be used to deliver a rich portfolio of programs and services. Some of our current efforts include:

  • Primary care access for the underserved
  • Mental Health initiatives
  • Case management services for seniors and high-risk patients
  • Community health education/sponsorships
  • Culturally sensitive programs
  • School health initiatives

A central part of our efforts is our commitment to improving the health and well-being of youth through our school health initiatives. Schools are a natural "hub" for students and their families to gain access to a wide range of health and social services. We collaborate with six school districts and have a positive impact on the long-term health of children, especially the underserved. In these districts,

El Camino Hospital provides nurses, health aides, critical mental health services, health screenings, and physical activity programs. Over the last several years we have expanded our services to meet the growing and unmet needs of our local schools. Our schools rely on us for a full range of onsite health services that are provided.

Our Dedicated Volunteers

Just as we give back to the community, so the community gives back to our hospital. The El Camino Hospital Auxiliary provides volunteer services to the hospital, our patients, and the residents of the South Bay. The Auxiliary also grants health care-related scholarships and provides financial support for special projects

Volunteers in the Auxiliary's Roadrunners Program provide transportation to and from appointments within a 10-mile radius of the Mountain View campus to seniors and people who cannot drive.

The Chaplaincy Program's spiritual care volunteers, who represent all faiths, provide support to patients and their families, hospital staff, physicians, and the Auxiliary at both our Mountain View and Los Gatos locations. Services support a healing environment within the hospital and seek to strengthen ties to local religious communities.

RotaCare Clinic: Making Sure the Underserved Are Not Overlooked

The mission of our RotaCare Clinic is to give medical care to people in need with limited access to health care. With more than 320 volunteers, including 120 health care providers, each year the RotaCare Clinic provides 15,000 free medical services, plus an additional 10,000 essential immunizations through the El Camino Hospital Immunization Program. A recent donation has allowed RotaCare to convert to electronic medical records, helping the clinic maintain quality and safety standards and attract good doctors. 

Five Million Hours of Service with Countless Dividends for Our Community

How fitting that El Camino Hospital's 50th anniversary coincides with another impressive milestone: an astounding five million hours of selfless volunteering by our Auxilians! That's 570 cumulative years of helping our hospital and our community. And that tally doesn't even factor in the thousands of hours donated at our Los Gatos campus, where the records are still being integrated. Based on a 2008 Independent Sector estimated value of $23.29 per hour, our volunteers have contributed more than $116 million worth of time!