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Innovative Medical Technology at El Camino Hospital

Medical innovation is changing the landscape of health care in advanced acute care hospitals and medical centers, such as El Camino Hospital in Silicon Valley. True to the spirit of the high-tech community it supports, El Camino Hospital also takes an innovative approach to providing the best patient health care possible with the use of cutting-edge medical technology.

The skilled health care practitioners in this video talk about the many ways medical technologies are being used today to treat patients at El Camino Hospital. For instance, you’ll learn how three-dimensional imaging technology is enabling surgeons to know exactly what to do before they even begin surgery on a patient.

You’ll also learn how improving patient outcomes with the help of medical innovation pervades the culture throughout El Camino Hospital. Other topics include:

  • Advances in artery care to the legs
  • CyberKnife and robotic surgery
  • Treating heart valves without open surgery
  • Advanced medical information technology
  • Electronic Medical Records systems
  • Robots that deliver medications, supplies, and food


"It's taking innovation and applying it to the best medicine we can."

Chris Ernst
Senior Director
Corporate Communications